View Full Version : If you live in the northeast.......... you might want to jump on this. Like, now.

10-06-10, 09:55 AM
So, I just found this on Craigslist..... If I had the money for it I'd buy it tomorrow. But they only want 5 grand? Arent these things worth like, 15? Figured Id show you guys here before some hood rat snatches it up and puts 22's on it.


I just hope its the real deal.

10-06-10, 10:05 AM
it's not bad, but I'm not in to the convertables

10-06-10, 02:56 PM
You'd have to look it over very carefully. Esp. coming from the east coast, rust can be a major issue.

10-14-10, 08:50 AM
I'd take that in a second if it was a 67 with the vertical headlights....don't like that front clip.