: Need help with computer fuse? And resetting airbag warning

10-06-10, 06:51 AM
My check engine light is on. I took it to Autozone today and the guy hooked up the handheld scanner and it wouldn't connect. He said I had a bad fuse somewhere. he said it was the ECC fuse. I replaced it even thought it wasn't blow, but that wasn't it. Anyone know which fuse or what the problem could be? And also the vehicle was wrecked and I wanna reset the airbag warning. Anyone know about that?

Thank you !!

10-06-10, 08:15 AM
Did the scan tool power up? If not the problem is the cigar fuse, not the ECC fuse.

If the SIR light is on one of two things is happening.
1. There is a current failure
2. There is a "latched code"

1. Repair the failure after identifying the code that is currently stored
2. Make sure the vehicle was properly repaired after the "accident" and replace the SDM (air bag module)

If the airbags were deployed the codes are latched and you cannot turn off the light.
GM does not require a "reset" after a fault. If the failure is not currently present the light will go out.

10-06-10, 03:15 PM
Hi Ewill

Thanks for the reply !!
The scanner was not powered by the lighter. It was self powered. It said something like not connected.

As far as the airbag --- it was replaced after the accident but the airbag module was not. Does it need to be ? If so -- would you know where its located in the vehicle? I found a site that said it was under the drivers seat but I dont see it and not sure if I need to remove the seat or not. A friend said it was under the center console.

Thanks !!!

10-06-10, 06:52 PM
The cigar fuse also powers up the ODD plug. If there's no 12V source there no communication can be established with the vehicule. The ABS module is under the drivers seat. Move the carpet, you can't miss it. Airbag deployment is a latched code as Ewill mentioned. Some shops can reprogram the module. I've seen it done on Honda and VW cars, probably the same deal for GM?

10-06-10, 07:27 PM
Hey SK7 ---Thanks for the reply also !! I will check that fuse and see.

I looked under the seat the othert day and didnt see it. Do I need to remove the entire seat? I pull it all the way forward and back and didnt see anything.


10-07-10, 08:40 AM
It is under the carpet as well.
You may have to remove the seat to pull the carpet back enough to access the SDM (sensing and diagnostic module).
GM does not allow programming or clearing of latched codes in an SDM. If the bags deployed and were replaced then the SDM also needs to be replaced, which does require some form of programming but mainly just to match the SDM to the vehicle.

Pin 16 on the DLC is power for the scan tool, on Escalade this is tied into the Cigar fuse.

10-07-10, 04:36 PM
Hi Ewill,

Theres no sight of it under the seat or any way to pull back the carpet. Can I slide the seat off the track somehow ? or do I need to unbolt it from under the undercarriage?

What is pin 16 and DLC? I looked in the fuse block on the left side of the dash where the drivers door is and there is no #16 and nothing that says lighter or cigar? Is it in another panel, or under another name?

Thank you !

10-07-10, 07:37 PM
The DLC is the "data link connector". It is a 16 pin connector under the dash that the scan tool connects to.
The pins are standardized and numbered and each pin has an assigned duty. Pin 16 is always power and pins 4 and 5 are always ground. Pin 16 is wired electrically into the cigar lighter circuit. The cigar lighter circuit fuse is in the underhood fuse block near the driver's area usually towards the rear and outboard side. Look at the cover and you should be able to find it.
On Escalade the proximity of the cigar lighter socket to the place people toss coins causes this A LOT. Be sure there are no coins in the cigar lighter, replace the fuse and that should restore operation of any scan tool.

As for the SDM sometimes you have to remove the seat and move the carpet back or partially remove or reposition a large section of it.
I'd have to get the manual out and look at the component locator to identify exactly what you might need to do in order to get to it.
The seat is held in with 4 inverted torx head bolts, there are 2 different sizes which I can't recall right now. You CAN usually get away with using a good 6 point metric socket that fits tightly over the bolt tips but if you have torx sockets, use them.
Once you get the seat loose and remove the sill plate you can lift the carpet up and find the SDM fairly easily.

10-07-10, 08:32 PM
Thats the best pic I could find, the module is where you can see the yellow plug closer to the door sill but still right under the seat.


10-07-10, 09:17 PM

Thanks --- i went out a few minutes ago and was able to see it. I was looking for a silver box but this thing looks like yellow plastic. From what I see anyway. They dont make it easy to change out. Are you parting out that Escalade ? or re doing it ?


10-07-10, 10:15 PM
Its my current ride, I had to do major repairs to the roof (lampost fell on truck, u can see pics in my gallery). While there I stripped the interior to clean everything up (truck stayed outdoors for 6 months without a sunroof and passenger side window..) and installed dynamat all over.

10-08-10, 08:35 AM
The yellow plastc is the connector, all airbag system connections are bright yellow.
The module is likely under that square of jute just inboard and behind the left front seat bolt stud sticking up.

01-24-13, 02:38 PM
thanks saved me a lot of time, It was the cigar fuse.