View Full Version : I have officially left the N* fold...

10-06-10, 02:22 AM
...for the 3800 Series II fold.

My 97 popped the headgaskets over the 4th of july weekend. i needed a car immediately...so now i'm beatin around in a 99 park ave ultra that i've already gutted the airbox on, swapped for autolite 104's and a 160 tstat, and added a 3" offroad downpipe. next is the 3.4" pulley and tune. - it got be across america and back on my 4k round trip roadtrip to see my real love...and no...i won't post pics ;)

it's a car. but it's no cadillac. once i get on my feet i plan to ride with the right banner again...and hopefully in a V series too (if i have my way :lildevil:)

car is listed in the classified as for repair or parts. no links as this is not a f/s ad. just wanted to let you guys know i've moved on for now...but i'll still halp you out if you're ever in the area. It's been a fun 4+ years...

10-06-10, 10:55 AM
Sorry to see you leave and hope to see you return. The 3800 is a reliable work horse.