: Formal introduction...

Mason H
10-06-10, 12:17 AM
I havent really made a formal introduction here yet, so here it goes.

I recently bought my '75 Coupe Deville. I got it about three weeks ago off a partial trade. I gave my '65 Chevy Corvair and $750 bucks for it. I am 16. Not my first older vehicle, so i'm not a complete newbie. So far the only things wrong with the car is i need to reattach one piece of chrome strip around the vinyl top and it doesn't cool down on the highway/interstate. I will be taking it in to get rotted soon, so that should fix it hopefully. I replaced the thermostat and lower radiator hose(swollen). Water pump is moving coolant so its not that the pump is bad.

This is the fourth, yes 4, vehicle i have owned since i have been sixteen. About 8 months. Ive got an 82 honda cm450 for a gas saver. Had a '78 Yamaha XS500 for a little while but got rid of it.

I am attempting to attach a picture of the new ride, hope it works. I should be around here on the forum pretty much on a regular basis. Thats how i learned with my Corvair, on a forum similar to this one. Looking foreword to it!


10-06-10, 01:00 AM
Nice Caddy!
My first Caddy would have been a 76 Coupe, it was a light green color with a dark green top and green interior, was beautiful. Guy wanted only $500 but only had half and offered it to him as a deposit and would come back following week. He refused so I prayed car would be there, so went back and car was gone :crying2:
We're all here to help you out!:o

10-06-10, 01:05 AM
I know a lot of cars but I've never heard of the Honda and yamaha you mentioned, are they motorcycles? Nice caddy though.

10-06-10, 01:17 AM
Once you overhaul the radiator, your cooling problems should go away. Car looks great! Any interior shots?

10-06-10, 01:17 AM
That's a good looking Coupe, congrats on your new purchase! You've come to the right place for ideas, advice, and requests for the same -- welcome aboard :) :welcome:

Mason H
10-06-10, 07:17 PM
I know a lot of cars but I've never heard of the Honda and yamaha you mentioned, are they motorcycles? Nice caddy though.

Oh damn, yea i should hae said that. Yes, the Honda and the Yamaha are motorcycles.

Ill go get some interior shots and stuff of the car. The only thing mechanical that is a little problem is i can hear an exhaust leak towards the front of the car. No biggie but it is probably taking away a little bit of power.

10-07-10, 02:35 AM
Likely a cracked manifold or leaking head gasket. Both are common problems for the 472/500.