: Oil Change Reminder Really Works As It is Supposed To

10-05-10, 11:31 AM
Dear 1993-96 Cadillac Fleetwood / Fleetwood Brougham Owners ,

I would like to inform you that oil change reminder on our rides works greatly .The CHANGE OIL light or reminder is not a gimmick or it is just there just to accommodate a fancy light on the instrument cluster .

My odometer reads 50395 kilometers today and the last time oil was changed was 2009 July with 44754 kilometer on it .
I do use Castrol 5W30 not fully synth oil . (I had reseted the light last year by flooring the pedal 3 times within 5 secs . )

So, long story short the last time our Cadillac was driven by 3 months ago and there was not such a warning or reminder to change the oil either .
The battery was dead due to lack of usage for several reasons that was not a big deal at all and I had the battery recharged yesterday .
Today, as soon as I started the engine , I saw that oil reminder light and that was a surprise to me because I presumed that light was not fully functional ,I mean that does not tackle oil analysis , parameters and such things .

Even though it is recommended 7.5 K miles or 10,000 kilometers to change the oil I have been using and I have only covered around 4500 kilometers since last oil change and 15 months , it was a nice feeling

I was planning to change the oil regardless of oil reminder ,but still I am very impressed with this :bouncy:

My memo is from now on , change the oil within 1 year regardless of mileage and type of oil (synthetic or dyno )

The funny thing is in my case, I had not seen that light at all and despite covering 5K miles in 8 months in recent years and I still changed the oil and reseted the light again repeating the same procedure :cool2: