: Rear turn signal on CTS-V 2009

10-05-10, 11:21 AM
Hi, i am koce.I make addons cars for a game.And in this game there are turn signals.And i can't find turn signal of CTS-V 2009.Can some one show me where is.I even ask operator at Cadillac site and he say that he don't know.

10-05-10, 12:14 PM
Turn signal as in flashing rear LED tail light turn signal? Or are you looking for the front location? Turn signal stalk?

10-05-10, 12:18 PM
I want to know where is rear light signal(or leds) that indicate that you move to left or right.

Edit:I mean in rear tail lights.

10-05-10, 01:50 PM

Would this help? The turn signal is the entire outer portion
of the lighting assembly.

10-05-10, 02:06 PM
You mean that 2 stacks of led are brake lights and turns signal.

10-05-10, 02:33 PM
Are those 2 stacks of LED turning signals? What about the brake? I know one of those two flashes while the brake is applied and turn signal is applied. I'd have to go out and check it out on the car.

10-05-10, 02:37 PM
Look at :23 and :46 in this video.


10-05-10, 02:40 PM

10-05-10, 02:42 PM
On clip i saw where brake lights are.But i wonder where are turn signals.

10-05-10, 06:51 PM
On cars that do not have yellow turn signals on the rear (2004-07 CTS-V did, the 2009 and later CTS-V does not), the brake and turn signals share the same lights (incandescent or LED). When the brakes are on and the turn signal is active, the indicators are on all the time on the side that is not being used for the turn signal. The side that is being used for the turn signal is flashing.

10-05-10, 09:19 PM
OK, I looked on my car. As in the photo above in post #4, the two columns of LEDs blink when the turn signal is activated. The solid tube is the tail light.

10-06-10, 12:17 AM
Thank you all.For your help.You are better than Cadillac support.