10-05-10, 12:07 AM
To Whom it may concern,

Hey guys, its Craig “caddykid” here, sending out the last minute info for our Englishtown, New Jersey meet and greet on October 10th, 2010!! These are some last minute details that I just would like to address if you can take a moment to read.

Englishtown Raceway gates open at 8 a.m. the morning of our meet and greet, you can show up at 8 if you like, but I have a 3 hr drive so I am sending this out so everybody can try to meet around 10:00-10:30am there. And I do not believe there will be any such traffic on a Sunday morning. They did say that all of our cars are able to park in the parking lot and if some of you are interested to see the car, truck and bike show, hydraulic contest, bikini contest and car sound stereo challenge it is $20.00 for the day to go inside, I believe.

Unfortunately, we had 16-18 in the beginning when the thread went out August 24th, but sadly some have backed out and as of right now we have 12 going, which still makes for a fun day. And hope to keep that number at 12.

I also took notice that some of you may have work the next day even though it is a holiday weekend and so fourth, and was planning to get a group say at the track on what time dinner should be because I would love everybody to show up there as well to end off a good day, and was afraid the later we made it, some would have to travel home due to work reasons. On the other hand, due to HOOTERS is 22 minutes away from the track, I was thinking about making dinner reservations for 5:00pm there so everybody can enjoy a meal and be done by 7:30-8pm to be home for 11pm. It would also allow us to spend 6 hrs at the track which is plenty long.

And I would just like to throw out there, my car will be fully detailed in and out just b/c I love my car, and I am pretty sure you guys will do the same to make our Cadilac’s shine!

EnglishTown Raceway-
230 Pension Road
Englishtown, NJ

Hooters in East Brunswick-
H195 State Route 18
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Looking forward to seeing all there, please respond if dinner at 5pm is ok with everyone and how many you will have attending, knowing some friends will be coming up…When I get a headcount for dinner, I will make reservations.

RSVP please by OCTOBER 2nd to Cpotter91@aol.com or send me a message on the forum!!!!!!

Craig “caddykid”
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10-09-10, 09:52 AM
rob i got your email. ik you said you were 50/50

hope u get this and you decdied to come..