: Dilemma with 77 Sedan Deville

10-04-10, 09:59 PM
Hello all,
I have an interesting dilemma with a 77 SDV. It appears to have been abandoned in front of a mattress store. The body is rust free and it looks good. The car has parking notices on it, so I know it's been therefor a little while. However the car is so clean, and locked which makes me think someone cares about it.

My question is this- what to do? The store obviously wants it gone, and I would love to acquire it, but have no idea what course of action to take. The car is too nice to get impounded and rust away forgotten about.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated in saving this American classic. By the way, it's mint green- real sweet.


10-04-10, 10:09 PM
look up abandoned car laws in your area :)

10-04-10, 10:16 PM
Just watch Parking Wars to learn all about the PPA!

10-04-10, 10:31 PM
Tow it to your house and then bill the owner for towing and storage then use an unpaid bills and notices to file for a title.

10-04-10, 11:22 PM
Isn't there any way the police or DOT could run the plates, provided they are current and correct to the car and locate the owners...Then maybe you could try buying from them... Just a thought

10-15-10, 10:16 AM
The DMV here used to provide you with info on plate #s or VIN#s, which used to be usefull, but someone missused the practice and you can no longer do that here. I don't know what the practice is in your State, but you can try.