: Fuel Line

10-04-10, 12:42 PM
I have a leaking fuel line just aft of the fuel filter on my 1992 Seville. The clip that holds the line to the frame has rubbed a hole in it. When I turn the key to the on position and engage the pump, I get a wonderful fan pattern that sprays an incredible amount of fuel out. When cleaning the line to ascertain it's failure, it clearly states "not repairable." Of course the local parts store is not going to carry such an item. I have not tried, but I am sure the dealer will chuckle and state "what year?" Any suggestions on replacing this line? Junk yard I assume? Does someone make a splice kit?



10-05-10, 01:51 AM
could you get a pic for us

10-05-10, 03:23 AM
I just replaced all of the fuel and brake lines from the eng compartment to the gas tank on my 90 Deville. NAPA should have the rubber line assemblys (rear fuel hose) from the tank pickup to the filter. You will have to drop the tank to replace those. If you need the lines in front of the filter NAPA sells adapters made by Dorman with the o ring connections and you will have to fabricate the rest with standard steel line using the crimp fittings supplied with the Dorman kits. My 90 has 3/8" supply and 5/16" return lines. The 1/4" vent line is not under pressure and can be replaced with standard 1/4" steel line. Its a nasty job, good luck!