: CD changer wiring in a Fleetwood 1996.

10-02-10, 03:09 PM
I drive a 1996 Fleetwood Brougham, does anyone know if it's pososible to install a factory CD-changer and get it working with my Delco audio unit (UPO audiosystem, with CD-player). (manufactured Dec 19 1995) it has these numbers on it:
Partnumber: 16200363 BKCU
Product ID: 2001
898KCURL 53530048
The CD-changer wiring seems to be missing in my trunk. I only found a small extra connector in the trunk, I believe it's for a cellular phone equipment. It has only three conductors attached and a separate (I think) antenna cable.
The Fleetwoods cars that have the ULO system (only casette without CD player) had an option with dealer installed CD changer. Could it be that all cars with ULO have this extra cable and the ones with UPO have not ?
Perhaps the wiring to the trunk have these lacking conductors in the bundle but they are not attached to a connector ?
Is it possible to buy an aftermarket harness, between the radio and the cd-changer in the trunk ?
I would be glad for some information on this subject.