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10-01-10, 06:13 AM
:halo:I have been a Member for 15 Months and want to thank all for the knowledge I have gleened from all of you. I could not have gathered this much info any other way. I am 74 yrs. old and have had many forms of trnasportation, including Norton ES-2, Triumph speedtwinn, Vincent blackshadow, Zundapp 600 cc., BMW 600 cc, + Harleys, including a 1977 road racer, first belt drive sturgis, etc. and some cars thrown in but nothing like the "V".
My point being that are "V'S "are far and away the best cars the GM has ever built, the tecknology is not apprecieated enough by most and for the $ can't be beat by any other manufacturer. My "V" was built in 4/09, deliverd to me in 6/09, with Auto & ther is nothing wrong with it. I painted the brake calipers red per the forums directions, did the wheel cleening before replacing and torqued to 150 ft*, no wheel clicking. I changed the fog lights to high intensity lights that I use for flash passing and this works very well, people move over when they see that big grill and those lights flash. :yup: I also installed a KPM CAI which helps throtle response and milage.
I just returned from my second road trip, a loop from Scottsdale thru Albuqurqe, Santa Fe, Colorado, Soth Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Arixona. 3300 Mi.
19.3 MPG. Avg.speed 62 MPH which included 3 national parks, restaurants, city driveing etc. All interstate speed was at least 85/90 mph sometimes 95, I let the road and conditions tell me how fast to drive. Out west you can do this.

This car is just setteling down at 80 and hunkers down the faster you go, and is unlike other cars that start to float as the speed increases. We saw 105 many times, and that feels like 80 and if you want more it will push you back in the seat at any speed.
I am writeing this to encourage all members to come out West at least once and enjoy the wide open roads especialy in the northern half of the country.On both trips we would go for20/30 min. without seeing a car in either direction and the roads are straight as string disapearing to infinity, saw 3 cop cars total for both trips, I dont use a detector, going to fast, and nobody in front to warn me of a radar, maybe next year,: bonkers:.

My only complaint with the car is that the PS-2's are noisy, great tires for autocroosing but not necessary for 90% of drivers. In June I will replace with a Continentl DW EXT Contact (new tire for the V, check out ratings on tire rack) should be perfect for my next trip to th Northwest., we always go after Labor day, no kids motorhomes or campers, best time of the year,you wont be disapointed.

When on the road I drive in auto sport shifted (buttons active) which give me full control for manevering and stopping fast,works great to scrub off speed so as not to miss an off ramp.

Hope to see you soon
MartR. :welcome:

10-01-10, 07:04 AM
Nice write up!

10-01-10, 07:27 AM
Should have stopped by for a beer!! : ' )

10-01-10, 07:46 AM
awesome!! ;)

10-01-10, 08:07 AM
Right on! She is a beautiful Grand Touring machine isn't she? Here's to many more safe miles ahead of you.

10-01-10, 08:08 AM
Good to hear from another experienced high performance guy! I love the West, particularly Utah, Wyoming and Montana, and would like to take my "V" out there. In the meantime I'm taking it up to Sewanee, Tennessee, for my 45th college reunion in November.


10-01-10, 09:27 AM
My only complaint with the car is that the PS-2's are noisy, great tires for autocroosing but not necessary for 90% of drivers. In June I will replace with a Continentl DW EXT Contact (new tire for the V, check out ratings on tire rack)
Marty, always happy to read of other 'old farts' enjoying their V's.

And I agree with you, although it doesn't seem to be a common complaint, that the PS2s are a noisy tire. It's something that I noticed from day 1 and continues to be my one irritant. I'll have to do some research on the Conti DW EXTs.

10-02-10, 12:38 AM
Continental makes some good tires. I'll be using the DWS, slightly smaller, for the winter since they are rated so highly. I also PM'd you about the light change since that is a good idea too.

10-02-10, 01:47 AM
Welcome Marty. I too am in AZ. I'm the resident V series performance tech over at Kachina Cadillac. I too have noticed how noisy the PS2's are once they harden up a bit, so far I have noticed that most people are replacing the PS2's at around 13-15k miles and sometimes less with "spirited" driving. Let us know how the Conti's do.

10-03-10, 06:37 AM
Great post!

A) I hope when I'm 74 I'm still able to handle high-po cars like you obviously do. Rock on!

B) My folks live in CO (interstate speed limit 75 mph--a big deal to me, forced by the spouse to live in unenlightened OH with its 60-65 mph limit). Now that I have a spare tire, I will be using my V for our yearly Drive of 1350 miles each way to visit them. Thanks for reminding me what a great "grand cruiser" this car is.