View Full Version : Washer Sprayer Adjustment?

10-01-10, 06:01 AM
So I have my new washer pump now that I had to go through getting the WRONG one the first time. Good stuff, because Lovebug season sucks, even WITH a windshield washer.

Anyhow, my new pump, most likely from being just that (new) is certainly stronger than the last and all it's doing is cleaning the vinyl roof. Certainly a chivalrous notion, but not what it is there for.

Proper adjustment method?

For those unfamiliar with Lovebugs, they are this ridiculous invasive species that thrives in Florida and comes about to make a mess twice a year. They are highly attracted to the scent of car exhaust and they hover around every highway unless it's dark out. They splatter onto everything and they corrode through paint.



They just suck.

10-01-10, 06:51 AM
I know when we were lads we used to turn the washers around so they faced forward and (here's the semi relevant part of the story) use a pin to "aim" the jets in the direction we needed to squirt unsuspecting folks at the bus stop etc as we drove past....childish...yeah, I know but fairly harmless and highly amusing at the time (mid 1970's)....

the "jets" were a ball and socket affair and with the pin you could move them in any direction...don't know if Cad ones are the same but worth a try...

10-01-10, 01:06 PM
No, they aren't the ball type that you swivel to aim. They are just a metal tube that is crushed on the end to give the spray pattern. You just gently bend the end after the clamp with a pair of pliers to aim them. Bend a bit (don't crush), check the pattern, bend some more.

10-01-10, 01:52 PM
Bend them with your finger if they are anything like the ones on my car... but be gentle. Did you know that UNF invented love bugs to kill mosquitoes but all they did was have sex and become a plague.

10-01-10, 04:49 PM
That's a Myth according to the local News. Then again, no one should never believe FL news.

Ever notice all the news stations that ABC owns in Central FL?

Someone dies at Disney, Disney owns ABC, the news never reports it.

10-01-10, 10:17 PM
Just bend the tubes down until they're spritzing in the right place.

10-02-10, 02:16 AM
The pieces are plastic, so no bending. Anyhow, they seemed FINE today, so I don't know. The pressure is certainly much greater, but they are hitting the windshield just fine (DIE, DIE, Lovebugs)

Better question that is semi-related. How would one most easilly remove the wiper arms. NOT THE BLADES, just the arms? It may be that the streetlamps are out and I am poking about a part of the car that I cannot see whatsoever, nonetheless in the dark, but I do not see a means of disconnecting anything to get to them, not even at the piece where they are hinged, which seems to have a peened rod running through holding them there permanently.

10-02-10, 01:19 PM
Easiest way to get wiper arms off is to use a top post battery terminal puller. Dirt cheap at any parts store. This is if they are like the later cars where they are held on with a nut. They might be the kind with a release clip underneath. I'll look at my 81 when I'm out in the garage.