: 2010 SRX..Customize the nav screen?

10-01-10, 01:31 AM
The nav screen on the SRX isn't exactly beautiful. Is there any way to put a personal picture up as a background? Or change the display at all?

10-01-10, 07:57 AM
Outside of removing the hard disk and attaching it to a computer to read the entire contents and to see how it is formatted and the folder structure, I haven't seen any options that allow you to customize the screens.

There probably is a secret config screen service uses, but I don't know or haven't seen the key sequence or boot up process. Perhaps you can influence a service tech to enlighten you?

12-05-10, 02:05 PM
I have thought about the same thing. My husband likes the screen wallpaper, but I just dont get it. I know you cant create someting that will please everyone, but working in graphic design it kills me that I cant make a change. :-)

12-05-10, 04:08 PM
Me too. I complained about this almost from the very start. When it comes to wallpaper, I get bored easily. Whether it's on a cell phone, computer or whatever. I like to change the wallpaper often. Several other cars allow you to do this, so the concept isn't exactly outrageous.

To answer the original question, no, there is no way to change the wallpaper.