: Size spec of rear compartment

09-30-10, 11:12 PM
Where can I find the HxDxW of the rear compartment of the SRX. I am wanting to compare to my current SUV that I use to carry work materials in.

10-01-10, 09:32 AM
I don't think the actual length, width, and heights are available, primarily because the rear cargo area isn't perfectly square or rectangular due to the fender well intrusion. In addition, the hatch opening height-wise is smaller than the inside floor to ceiling cargo area dimension. The slope of the roof is also an impact.

I ran into this need for exact measurements when deciding on my FirstGen SRX. The cargo volume was certainly important, but so too were the actual dimensions. We had to fit dog crates in the back. We also wanted to know if we could fit two crates in the rear cargo area and still have full use of all or some of the second row split bench seating. My wife and I wound up going to a dealer with a measuring tape and measuring.

Someone else on this forum may have measured the SecondGen cargo area and can respond. Otherwise, you may be stuck finding out the good old fashioned way, with the measuring tape.

Some additional advice when measuring.......

Make sure any interior cargo height measurement takes into consideration the second row overhead light. In the FirstGen the position of the second row overhead light was a factor since it did limit height in a tight squeeze with solid objects like the dog crates.

The FirstGen SRX's second row 60/40 split bench seats had fore and aft adjustments to permit a couple of additional inches in length if we wanted the correct cargo area dimensions with and then without the second row seating partially or fully folded down. Not sure about these things in the SecondGen SRX.

Finally, and this was a pain for us, we had to measure with the hatch closed to make sure the dog crates would not be rubbing on the rear hatch glass and trim while we had the second row seating in use.

Bet you can sell the dimensions once you have them down. You are not the only one looking for functional exactitude. The time to check these things out is before the purchase, not after when you realize that the cargo area shapes don't fill the bill.

Good luck!

Smokin' SRX
10-01-10, 03:23 PM
"WORK materials" ? In the SRX?? Blasphemy!!:suspect:

Hope you are a fabric designer! :thumbsup:"

Seriously though, I (someone ) would measure for you, no problem, but you should go Dealer and check specifics for yourself, as PJ reccos. Say the word........