: 06 sts code p0101

09-30-10, 07:05 PM
I have a obd code of p0101.(MAF sensor) I have changed the sensor.(from dealer). I have changed the filter. (The box is secured correctly and filter is in the slots) I reset the light. The light stays out at first. I drive 35 miles to work in the early morning. When I leave work in the afternoon I get about 1 mile the the check engine light comes back on.

Does any one have any ideas!!!!

09-30-10, 09:22 PM
Yeah I hate to say but take it to someone who knows what they're doing. Let me tell you our Caddies are real finicky.

09-30-10, 09:28 PM
check the wiring too... lots of people replace parts when the wiring is what's really causing the problem

10-04-10, 02:43 PM
its not going to be the sensor. I had this problem. when I took it for service the muther#$#$%! never closed my air filter box correctly. also make sure the air tube from your air filter is securely tighten on the throttle body. these are some things that can cause that code the appear.