View Full Version : Advice needed: Looking at a 2006 but potential issues from Multipoint inspection

09-30-10, 06:44 PM
I'm looking at a 2006 DTS and the owner emailed me the most recent Multipoint inspection from the dealer. I have attached a copy of this report to this post. A few things that I am concerned about are:

1. A slight oil leak was found near trans pan and front timing cover
2. "Future service" indicated right front wheel bearing, left front tie rod and wheel alignment.

I need advice. Are these issues potentially major? The car has 31k on it and it seems odd that it would need a wheel bearing and tie rod already. Also, could the oil leak be a main seal problem?

09-30-10, 07:01 PM
The tie rod and alignment could just be needed from hitting a pot hole. No big deal.

Tranny pan issue sounds like the dealer tightened that and fixed it.

Wheel bearing? Could happen. I had an 88 Riviera that ate a wheel bearing around that mileage. Unusual? yes. Unheard of? nope.

You could always get a second opinion on the wheel bearing.

09-30-10, 07:40 PM
I had a bad wheel bearing on 2001 DHS and they had to replace hub assy. Cost was $600.00

09-30-10, 08:24 PM
wheel bearings will make noise when the bearing has gone bad only other reason to replace is if the abs sensor goes bad (and i think that will throw codes and light up the abs light)

if you do end up needing one, i can hook you up with a fairly priced OEM part

09-30-10, 10:51 PM
I think I would take it and get a second opinion...then decide if I wanted it or not.
Did you notice it also needs a tire and a tire sensor?

Texas Jim

10-01-10, 09:37 AM
Wheel bearings can go bad around that mileage. I had my 2006 Performance in for new tires at around 30,000 and the tire shop recommended a right front wheel bearing. Still under warranty so took to dealer and they replaced both left and right. Service manager said this is not unusual for GM.

10-09-10, 07:01 PM
I bought a 2006 DTS Performance with 56k miles and during the test drive heard a noise in the front, the service manager drove it and replaced both front wheen hub/bearings and brake assemblies [rotors, pads, and wheel cylinders]. Noise gone and it drives like a dream. This was a Cadillac certified vehicle so it came with about 18 months and 100k miles left on the full factory warranty.