View Full Version : Custom halo rings on a sts

09-30-10, 03:34 PM
Found this website on youtube while watching a video.. You guys have to check it out:thumbsup:![/B]


09-30-10, 05:08 PM
Would love to do this to my headlights and fogs (minus the red). This is from a comapny in Russia obviously. Anyone know an American place that can provide this?

09-30-10, 05:25 PM
BMW wanna be LOL

11-11-10, 04:57 PM
its looks like a simple install too, but its gonna be easier if you have the light of the car, im gonna search the web for a kit, i think they look pretty cool

11-11-10, 09:05 PM
WOW! That is pretty sweet. Keep us posted if anyone does this.

11-12-10, 01:31 PM
check the civic forums, they do this alot. i mean that is what you want right? To make your american luxury car look like a japanese import imitating a european car?

11-12-10, 02:25 PM
... one of those mufflers that sounds like a rubber band would "round things out" nicely!:caddy::caddy::caddy:

Have I ever mentioned ...... Stock is beautiful!

11-12-10, 04:29 PM
Aren't halo lights so last decade anyway?

May as well throw a 'Type R' on the trunk while you're at it.

11-12-10, 05:09 PM
I think it looks badass, and very clean.

11-12-10, 09:10 PM
Once upon a time, every car I bought needed a lot to bring it 'up'. I'm now blessed with the means to be very happy with just a bit of modding. Sure, I've changed; so have the cars I buy.

It's your car. Be happy.

11-13-10, 06:44 PM
i love how there are grandaddys out there using the web!

11-13-10, 09:05 PM
Dude... If you can't handle the answer.... don't post the question.

11-14-10, 12:06 PM
i love how there are grandaddys out there using the web!

Yes I am a grumpy old "granddaddy" and proud of it. BTW I was using the web before you were born. One of the reasons I bought my STS is that I liked the looks. Still do. I will keep mine stock and the way it was engineered, thank you. Right on malatu.:yup:

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11-14-10, 01:07 PM
No need to get upset granddaddy We all agree and disagree in time. Hey, by the way I really do believe you were browsing the web before I was born. But the point here is that people can do what ever they want to they're car. the way you make your car unique is by keeping it looking stock and original others make there car unique by customizing them and making them look different from the rest. That's all..

11-14-10, 02:06 PM
Agreed. Its your car, have fun with it. IMHO one should enjoy every day you have. Life is short. That is why my STS is my daily driver. I have fun driving it and what would I be saving it for anyway? :bouncy:

11-15-10, 07:25 AM
Get a life, kid. I'm 24. Add on halo rings are for ricers with civics. You have a $13,000 V6 STS that I'm sure your parents bought you, or you are struggling to pay for with your mcdonalds salary. The reason you dont see anyone on the forums with that bullshit is beacuse it looks horrible. Go trade your STS in for a civic if you like dumb shit like this.

11-15-10, 09:42 AM
550, with all the cosmetic mods you've made to your car, I don't think you should be criticizing and insulting others that wish to personalize. You may not like the OP's tone, and I don't either -- he didn't have to be so defensive. But can we just agree that we all drive great cars, acknowledge that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and just get along? Without the insults?

11-15-10, 01:11 PM
please, this dude is on here calling everyone "grandpas" because they dont like his walmart wheels or civic lights. i dont put pictures of my car up and say "TELL ME WUT YOU THINK, YO BUT NOT IF YOUSE A GRANDPOP!!"

also, my modifications are classy, and tasteful, and my car is worth approx. 3x as much as his.

11-15-10, 01:46 PM
My tastes have changed over the years. I appreciate a 'stock' look more now. I do like OEM 'upgrades', but admit they are often pricey.

I have never liked adding 'parts' that are popularly accepted as being 'trademarks' of other brands.

My biggest peeve is the outrageous spoilers and fake 'performance' decorations that some go for.

But in the end, to each his own.

Just don't expect others to fawn over your 'add-ons'.

11-15-10, 05:46 PM
Yah, your car is sweet 500. Not because it's worth more (who cares), but because it's just really nice.

And don't get me wrong. My car is stock. I dislike rice, which in my opinion is things that look like performance improvements, but aren't. Like the fat mufflers and type R stickers and stupid spoilers. I nearly get an eye cramp with all the eye rolling I do when one of those kids farts past in their "highly modified" (ie, trashed) civics, and you know half of them are still living with mom & dad.

The halos, are just for show, but it's not a performance thing. It's cool, I mean, akin to painted calipers, as an example. Not really functional, but looks nice, to a point.

Honestly my biggest modification is to try to keep jerkwads from dinging my doors. I like my car as-is, and am too cheap to buy any worthwhile mods for it anyway, lol.

11-17-10, 05:07 PM
Seen sts pics with halos and I think they look great on a black car. the whole thing about them being 90's... well now people are adding led strips, but I personally dont like the ones ive seen on sts's so far.

11-18-10, 09:33 AM
Yeah, I saw an LED strip, and wasn't really into it. My jury is still out on the OEM ones on Audis.