: Anyone remember Miss Belvedere?

09-29-10, 10:00 PM
I remember seeing pictures when it was unearthed, in it's unfortunate poor condition. I heard shortly after that it was in the process of being cleaned up (though not restored) and was curious to see if any progress was documented.

I found this thread on another board that shows pictures after the cleaning.


09-29-10, 10:19 PM
I still can't believe there was still paint under all that gunk. Maybe there's hope for my '69 yet!

09-29-10, 10:27 PM
They should have left it exactly as it looked when raised from the earth and put it right in a museum. The little bit they could recover from restoration is impressive though.

09-29-10, 11:33 PM
That car went from disgusting to looking like a beat up old car (on the outside atleast). There's no hope for the interior anyways. Shame though, the 1957 and 1958 Plymouth Belvedere and Fury sport coupes are personal favorites of mine, all because of Christine.

09-29-10, 11:56 PM
Two of my favorite fifties designs were the '57 Plymouth Belvedere coupe and the '57 Chrysler New Yorker two door hardtop! It is a shame that even when kept above ground and garged they rusted into oblivion within a few years. The 1957 Chrysler 500C convertible is one of my all time favorite cars! A friend of my girl friend's mother had a white one, and even though it was 4 years old at the tiem I used to drool all over it when it was around ... never got to drive it though!

09-30-10, 10:47 AM
Once I saw the condition of it, I'd have just lowered it back down and covered it back up.

09-30-10, 10:03 PM
The pictures taken after is was unearthed remind me of underwater pics of the Titanic. Aweful.

10-01-10, 12:45 PM
What were they thinking? Anyone with a basement in this part of the country knows you will have moisture problems below grade :thepan:

Should have just put it in a vault somewhere

10-01-10, 01:01 PM
Well, Tulsa did start a new one in 1998. Looks like they got a little smarter this time.