: CTS-V Coupe Headroom

09-29-10, 02:36 PM
I am seriously considering the CTS-V Coupe, but I am concerned about the headroom. I am 6 ft. tall. I test drove the car only once, and my first impression was that it was very tight. However, I have been driving an SUV as my daily driver for years, so it could be that I am not used to the short headroom space in a coupes and sedans. I will probably try another test drive before deciding. Any opinions (especially from the 6 footers out there) from those who currently drive the coupe?

09-29-10, 02:47 PM
Mines on order, so I can only speak to the 2 test drives I've taken. I'm also 6', and found the headroom to be adequate. I've been driving Corvettes for years, and the coupe headroom is similar IMO. I drove one with a sunroof, one without, and to me, the difference was negligible.

09-29-10, 02:56 PM
Plenty of head room. Do another test drive if only to have another blast. It's always good to be sure.

09-29-10, 03:15 PM
Front headroom should be more than ample.

Rear, thats another story, my 6'2" nephew has to put his head between the headliner and rear glass to sit even near straight up in the back of the coup.

09-29-10, 03:48 PM
Agreed, 6'1" here, no problems up front, just make sure to get the seat adjusted down, first then move it up as needed.

~ Matt

09-29-10, 04:50 PM
I'm 6'1" and a little long through the upper torso. I found my hair would just brush the roof with the sunroof, even with the seat adjusted all the way down.
When I drove a coupe without the sunroof while at Monticello, when wearing a helmet... even with the seat all the way down, I had to tilt my head sideways. That was not comfortable.

09-30-10, 11:07 AM
I'm 6'8" and headroom is tight for me with the sunroof. My head hits the headliner. Without the sunroof I am sure I would be fine.

10-01-10, 11:31 AM
6'3" at 278# fits comfortably. I can move the seat back to where I can't reach the pedals. Moved forward, adjust the steering wheel back and tilt the seat up at the leading edge for support. Very nice driving. With the Sun Roof, I have room by setting the Driver's seat to its lowest position with a slight tilt up in front.
I have the memory setup to move back for exit. When reentering, I turn the ignition switch to the accessory position to restore Driver #1 component positions. This places the seat forward so that the pedals fall at my feet correctly; depress clutch and brake for the START. :thumbsup: Holding the Brake, I then push the Emergency Brake Switch down: Brake Released!
Now; where are all of those horses?