: help my bls

09-27-10, 04:43 PM
I have my BLS 3 years and in the last year it has needed a new six speed auto boxs numerous electrical and sensor faults and a new alternator ( this is a know problem and Saab Cadillac are replacing the alternator free of charge.) which have all been dealt with by Stratstones Cadillac and Saab Birmingham they have been great but the journeys have been hell 140miles round trip on the M6. They just carried out there last piece of warranty work last week problem with stability control and now i havea knock throught the steering and the engine seems to move alot when you select Reverse or Drive do any one know what the problem could be ?

09-28-10, 03:33 AM
my alternator went a few days before Xmas in 2008 and was replaced.
I have noticed a "knock" when selecting reverse but it's only a small one and never caused a problem,
I've put it down to it just selcting the gear, mine doesnt happen all the time thought - does yours ?

10-23-10, 04:16 PM
Hi sorry for the late reply. the Knock on the gear box was cured by replacing the gear box. the Knock in the steering system was caused by the Airbag not being refitted properly after the replacement of the stability control system.

they engine movement was reduced by new bushes on the mounts

sorry i cannot be of any help to you. even with all the problems i still love my caddy but wish it was easier to get accessories for it.

i am thinking of having the engine BHP increased to 180bhp as it is supposed to give a better fuel return.

My diesel never gives more that 34mpg at bit disappointing as my Vectra same car gives 45 all the time.

10-23-10, 04:44 PM
Are auto box Caddy BLS's that poor on fuel return - 35 mpg? Perhaps it needs some further investigation? I'm very sorry you've had so many problems.

My manual box returns on average between 47 and 52 mpg on a regular basis.

Apologies, but I've never liked auto boxes, there's just no joy in driving them for me - just my opinion even if it does suck!

10-24-10, 07:29 AM
This is my first auto, I wont be going back to manual !
It is very slow on the change up but it's quick on the dropping down.
you have to be doing 40 to get 4th, 50 to get 5th ...

I've emailed a few tuners but nobody wants to help.