: 1995 Fleetwood tranny filter

09-27-10, 03:10 PM
Anyone got tips/tricks on doing a tranny filter on the 1995 fleetwood?

How much oil does it take? I got the filter kit from napa and 5 quarts of tranny fluid. I've changed one tranny filter in my life time and it was on my 69 so I'm assuming that this will be a little different. Anything to look out for?

09-27-10, 04:37 PM
It takes 5 quarts, so you should pick up another bottle. Make sure the fluid is Dexron-III or better.

Trans filters are pretty simple to change. On yours, you want to remove the bolts on the front and sides of the pan, but just loosen the bolts on the rear of the pan. Then you pry the front loose and allow the fluid to drain and remove the remaining bolts. The filter just pulls out of the valve body and snaps back in.

You need to replace the gasket on the pan and make sure there is no gasket material on the transmission. If you feel like it, torque the pan bolts down to about 10 lb-ft. You re-fill the transmission through the dipstick.

09-28-10, 01:20 AM
sevn914 is correct, however when I change mine I flush all the old out and it takes 12 to 14 quarts..very simple to do and only takes about 20 mins longer

09-28-10, 07:51 AM
^ I've read many times to never get the flush done unless you can afford to have the thing completely rebuilt because sometimes the flush with shake debris loose and the debris will get stuck in the tranny somewhere and mess it up or something.

09-28-10, 09:50 AM
maybe they were talking about using a flush machine, which i would never do..
after I drop the pan and change the filter, I take the return line loose at my transmission cooler and put it into a 5 gal bucket..I then add the 4 to 5 quarts of fluid, have someone to start the car and start pouring in the other 7 to 8 quarts of fluid.when u see the fluid going in the bucket change color to the new fluid shut off the car, hook the return line back up and top off the tranny to the correct level. this way all your are doing is replacing the old fluid with new.

09-28-10, 03:02 PM
People don't like to flush all the fluid because, in older trannys, the friction materials on the clutches break down and get absorbed into the fluid and help worn clutches shift. When you flush all the fluid, you get rid of all the friction material in the fluid and you still have the worn clutches, this makes the slipping worse. Most people just change the fluid in the pan.

09-28-10, 03:13 PM
^ This is what I was told (although not in that great of detail) but as I said, I've only ever did one tranny fluid/filter swap and I just kind of winged that one...and made a big mess with all the tranny fluid while dropping the pan! hehe.

09-28-10, 08:19 PM
To set the record straight, once again...

Doing a flush is not recommended on higher mileage transmissions, which have never been flushed, because most the friction material, from the clutch packs, has worn off. The fluid becomes saturated with the friction material, and is the only thing making the transmission engage. When you flush the fluid, you remove all of the friction material out of the transmission, which will cause it to slip and fail. If you transmission does this after a flush, then it needed rebuilt anyway and failure was imminent.

Most people do not recommend having machine flushes done at a garage because most garages do not have the capabilities to perform the service correctly. Most lube shops or chain garages use a flushing method where they exchange the fluid through the cooling lines, but never drop the oil pan. By doing this, they flush all of the crap out of the transmission, into the filter, which they never change, so the filter gets clogged, which causes damage to the transmission. The correct way to do a flush is to flush the old fluid through the old filter and then replace the filter; that way your running clean fluid through a clean filter.

09-29-10, 08:08 AM
I change my filter and flush the old fluid out and replace it with new fluid every 35,000 miles.never have had any problems.

I also take showers instead of baths..guess its a personel thing

09-29-10, 08:39 AM
I also take showers instead of baths...

Thanks for the info chp350. As I said, I know very little about doing any tranny work so I wasn't trying to disagree with you, I was just stating what I had been told/read about previously.