: Check Out This 1989 Deville Convertible on Kijiji

ted tcb
09-26-10, 07:57 PM
Checking out the local Toronto Kijiji pages, and came across this custom

Deville Convertible.

Hate the steering wheel, blackwalls, and hack job stereo, but kinda like

the rest of the car. Nice ride for $5k, not so nice at $15k:bonkers:



09-26-10, 08:13 PM
Sharp car. I could do without the wheels, grille, and exhaust. If it had the stock appearance with silver trim at the bottom it would be quite :drool: worthy.

09-26-10, 08:26 PM
I always thought they should have made a convertible of these coupe devilles.

Night Wolf
09-26-10, 09:16 PM
As nice as they look - especially in '91-'93 flavor.... I would not daily drive one, it would only be a show car in which case to me owning it would be almost pointless.

Non factory convertibles, esepcailly unibody cars are a hack job at best. Sure they may add some extra bracing around in places, but it just moves the stress points around, talk about a flexible chassis. Add to that next to no support for such cars and it would make owning one - and actually using it as a car a very difficult/costly/frustrating task.