: 500 Powered 65 Mustang (Pics)

09-26-10, 05:09 PM
I have been working on this project for quite a while now and thought I would post some pictures of the progress, it's been slow going but fun. Planning on making the tunnel for the tranny next weekend and getting the new floor pans welded in. Let me know what you guys think.

09-27-10, 09:22 AM
nice i think.

Angry Matt
09-27-10, 02:25 PM
Anything caddy powered is ok by me. What are your plans for the finished product, i.e. race or show, or just for fun? And how's that clear dist. cap? I've not heard good reviews, but have always wanted to try one personally.

09-28-10, 10:26 AM
For now the car is just for fun. We haven't had any problems with the clear cap yet but the car hasn't been driven very much. What kind of problems do people have with these distributor caps? I'd actually never seen them before I bought this one.

Angry Matt
09-28-10, 08:45 PM
I knew a guy that said in his auto tech class, they showed the spark arcing across the terminals. I guess that they weren't accurate in where the spark went? I'm not really sure, I just always had the negative image in my head. Probably just talk from when we were younger anyway, that was 10+ years ago. Like I said, I never had any experience with them, and that's the only bad thing I've heard, so it's probably nothing anyway. I still think they're cool.

Don East
09-29-10, 10:27 AM
Looks like that caddy engine belongs there. Nice.

09-29-10, 10:35 AM
pics are a little dark. did you tear out the shock towers? i would like to put a nice street rod front suspension in a mustang. stacy david on gearz just did one in a cougar. i like chassis/suspension mods.

09-29-10, 12:50 PM
Wow! That fits in there quite nicely. Got any videos of it? Startup? A short drive? I'm in love with a Mustang. :lol:

09-29-10, 07:37 PM
We did remove the shock towers. The kit is called the Ultraride Coilover from Street Rod Engineering. Sorry about the dark pictures they were all I had on my computer, I will get some better picures taken this weekend and take some videos too. If there is anything in particular anyone wants to see let me know otherwise I can just post some pictures of everything.

10-04-10, 04:41 PM
my dad has a rod with a mustang 2 front suspension. all stock with the toe rod. did it about 10yrs ago. he paid a shop to do it. so you have a gm trans also? my dad has a mustang 8" rear end. he thought it was a 9" but the shop said "ford" rear end and my dad just assumed it was 9". works fine though. not a drag car so no big deal.

01-30-11, 03:32 PM

very nice

01-31-11, 09:08 AM
What did you use for exhaust manifolds?
Stock or aftermarket headers?

02-16-11, 04:14 PM
It has block huggers from Sanderson, who were very helpful. They sent the components and we made them fit and tacked the pieces together and sent them back to Sanderson and they did the final welding and coated them.

Would there be much beneift to change out the intake manifold if I plan to keep the engine basically stock? I know I will lose 3" in hood clearance but my stock hood is not going to work anyways so that is not a major concern. The distributor has been recurved and put on new plug wires. Also had the tranny (short shaft Turbo 400) rebuilt and braided lines put on.

The car is currently at the body shop and the next step when the car gets back from the body shop is to work on getting the heater box and plenum installed since there is less room now that the tunnnel has been modified. I think I may see what Classic Auto Air has to offer and put in AC. Has anyone dealt with these guys before?

Plans in the future are to get a bigger (22-gallon) fuel cell put in, currently has a 16 gallon tank, and new Autometer gauges with a JME bezel. Also thinking about changing it over to fuel injection but that is a long ways down the road.

I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you guys might have.


02-26-11, 05:29 PM
Looks good, and fits in there good. I have more fitting problems with my swap, a 500 in my '75 El Camino. Exhaust manifolds are crowding on both sides.