: Replacing the original LT!

09-26-10, 04:20 PM
have a 95 Fleetwood Brougham which, unfortunately, is currently motorless. I was curious what the advantages/disadvantages of swapping from the factory LT1 with a vette LT1, what the main differences are, and what problems I would run into in doing so. . Thanks for the replies!

09-26-10, 04:53 PM
Advantage: only one - slightly lighter because of the aluminum heads.
- heads on the Vette don't flow as well as the iron heads
- cam is not great for the Cadillac (B/D cam is made for low end torque for heavy vehicles)
- accessory drive on the vette is completely different (if you were going to swap the complete package)

So, it is no problem to go for the Vette motor, but don't pay more or buy it instead of a B/D LT1 just because it was in a Vette. If you do get it, swap out the cam for something better while the engine is out. New valve springs and 1.6 roller rockers would be a worthwhile upgrade, too, if it is in the budget.

09-27-10, 10:42 AM
Actually if you are swapping motors like that, where you would most likely be doing the harness and computer, why not consider an LS1 swap :)

they are decently cost effective, and a newer motor generation, plus no OPTI-crap.

just an idea.

09-27-10, 12:57 PM
It's not really clear if he has a blown motor, or a car with a gaping hole where the motor used to be. We need a little more info...