View Full Version : My car is "The shit"

09-26-10, 03:55 PM
I was driving through portland and saw a nice sedan deville ahead of me. at a light he was in the straight lane and I was turning left, then I noticed that he got in behind me and was following me. The next double lane he pulls up by me and motions for me to put my window down. It was some young black guy and he says "Hey, you got the shit right there, man! That's a Fleetwood!" :drool:

It was pretty funny...he followed me to compliment me on my caddy! haha

09-26-10, 04:09 PM
Awesome. My car is just regular shit.

09-26-10, 06:19 PM
I get a lot of compliments about my bike and TBH I'm pretty blase' about it all but make no mistake if this guy turned round in traffic to praise your car I'm sure he was impressed...

09-26-10, 06:41 PM
He was just telling the truth...theres nothing wrong with that!!! Thats why you bought the car you know its the shit too!!! Man...Thats why I got one!!!

09-26-10, 08:06 PM
yeah, it was pretty cool. :D

09-26-10, 08:29 PM
One of the perks of owning such a sweet car!

When I had my deVille, whenever I'd go to the local Taco Bell, a young black guy that was working there would always ask me if I would sell it to him. I'd always tell him that I wasn't ready to sell, but when I was I'd let him know. When I went to sell it in September of '07, he was no longer working there.

09-26-10, 09:38 PM
Some people just know an awesome car when they see one.

09-27-10, 03:03 AM
Which Cadillac were you in????

People call my 1991 a Fleetwood all the time, even though its a Brougham. I can't blame them on that though, Cadillac really screwed around with the model names starting in 1985.

09-27-10, 11:41 AM
what car the 95?
right on right on right on lol

09-27-10, 02:08 PM
Yeah, I was in the 95. Hehe. pretty funny because it's not clean or shined up or anything. Infact, I did some touch-up on a few rust areas but got the wrong color touch-up paint so it has some bright silver spots. haha :D

ah well, gatta get my exhaust leak fixed wednesday and then it won't sound like a diesel truck.

09-28-10, 09:57 AM
I feel you on this one, I get a lot of compliments on the Caddy...went to get an oil change yesterday and the guys could not get over how good the car looked, lol...took them forever to actually change the oil! Good thing I wasnt in a hurry, haha...

09-29-10, 10:47 AM
I didn't know I drive a shit lol :lol: