: Hi, newbe here,, 82 Deville 454 Hopefuly?

09-25-10, 07:36 AM
I have an 82 Coupe Deville,, an I have a 454 chev,,i want to put in it. It will have a carb, so what do i need to do if I want to run a a reg fuel pump on the motor and do away with the electric one in the tank,,thanks

09-25-10, 10:18 AM
Get a fuel pressure regulator and continue to use the stock fuel pump. Use the stock oil pressure switch so the pump turns on after sensing pressure is good. Find a tranny that will last with a 454.

09-25-10, 12:44 PM
You will also need a 8.5 rear end from a 77-81 or a 90 up. That 7.5 with a 454 in front will be... interesting.

Trans: TH400 if no OD, built 700R4 if the 454 is stock, 4L80E if the 454 is warmed up and you want bulletproof OD (and have lots of cash).

09-25-10, 08:47 PM
He might be okay on the 7.5" rear end. They put those into the LS1 Camaro/Trans Am stock, and they will last behind an automatic provided you keep the power levels stock and don't beat the living shit out of it. The LS1 makes about 340hp, 350lb-ft torque stock.

If you're not doing a mega hp build on that 454, I'd just leave the rear end alone until you break it or decide to do a gear swap, then upgrade. They came with a pretty aggresive 3.42 ratio stock for that year as well.