: conv. power top-'65 cdv

Harry Yarnell
09-24-10, 08:23 PM
What is the proper fluid for the convertible power top pump? ATF? DOT 3?

09-24-10, 08:37 PM
Harry, this was in my glove box of my 70 convertible,

"FLUID-Most cars 1967 and newer use automatic transmission fluid, from 1962-67 they may have used either automatic transmission fluid or brake fluid. Brake fluid can be detected by its pungent odor and transmission fluid smells more like oil. Pre 1962 cars almost always came with brake fluid but should be checked because the type of fluid in the system may have been changed, mixing the types of fluid may result in parts failure. If you are replacing the complete system, the use of automatic transmission fluid is recommended, never use silicone brake fluid as this will void any guarantee."

09-24-10, 09:21 PM
My 65 uses ATF.