: PS2s and sub 50 degree temps...what should I expect?

09-24-10, 11:53 AM
I asked my dealer and he wasn't sure. Thanks

09-24-10, 12:54 PM
They have very little grip. Where I live we don't get much snow but the temps do get into the 30s->50s during winter.

Last year I had someone else drive whenever possible on the colder days (and I never drove in the wet at those temps). This year I will get a 2nd set of wheels and mount Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires on them (I'll have to mix regular fronts w/runflat rears).

I've used the Pilot Sport A/S on my 00 STS, 04 CTS-V, and my wife's 07 335i and they are great tires for year-round use. But I fear they won't have quite enough grip for the 09 V in summer, which is why I'm going with summer and "winter" tires.

09-24-10, 01:12 PM
I wouldn't worry a bit in the 50s. In the low 40s I'd be careful, and 30s REAL careful. This rubber gets harder below freezing.

09-24-10, 01:23 PM
the ps2's are a great summer compound but they are a little harder than per say a potenza re-11, so yea depending on your power level they will get tricker under 45'

09-24-10, 06:49 PM
Even in cold weather, you'll still have more grip than in the rain. The 40s is when you'll notice a loss in grip...

09-24-10, 10:34 PM
The PS2 is the BEST tire I have ever had on a car. That being said; below 35 degrees these tires are worthless and dangerous. Even the Michelen people admitted that at the Monticello V Performance Lab. My car is a year round daily driver with high miles. Come October/November I am ready to put on my Pirelli Sottozeros!

09-25-10, 12:37 AM
I think the magic number which was posted and written in some publications is 38 degrees. Once the temp drops to 38 be very careful. When the temps fall to the 38 to 35 range the tiniest bit of moisture can put you into a spin. The thing is many dealers don't know this information, thus they are not passing it along to the customer.

09-25-10, 02:42 AM
You can also expect the front tires to hop in full lock in reverse when backing out of your driveway when it gets cold, quite normal for a soft performance tire with exceptional grip as the compound firms up with low temps. No need to start a thread, all systems normal.

09-25-10, 06:18 AM
I purchased my car in march of 2009 and drove it home in mid-30's temps. I also have a long freeway commute to work. As long as you give the tires a long time to warm up, and if the weather is dry, and if you drive moderately, you'll be OK. 40's and 50's you're pretty safe on the PS2s. I have read the 38 degree notes and heed those, though. As soon as the night temps are regularly in the 30's, mid-November here, I'll be on my winter setup.

09-25-10, 05:45 PM
In weather less than 60 degrees the PS2's suck big time. They get no grip what so ever under moderate throttle. Above 75 degrees they are fine.

09-26-10, 12:14 PM
I have had PS2's for years, on my GTO, now on the V. Experience says, advice here is spot on. I wouldn't drive the car if its in the 30's. You will have very little traction and will be stuck in the slightest hint of sleet. Given our torque on the V's, it will be easy to get sideways.

I'd either get a set of winter tires or skip the cold days and drive something else.