: Gathering of XLRs

09-23-10, 11:43 PM
The Forum has a "national" meet. The CTS-V guys get together for racing and meet-ups. But I've never heard of an XLR gathering until last weekend.


XLR owners were invited to Corvette Funfest in Effingham, and we showed up with a bakers dozen. Our presence must have impressed someone, we've now been invited to the The National Corvette Homecoming July 14-16 2011.

Let's spread the word and get as many there as we can!

10-01-10, 09:49 PM
There have been a few of them. first I went to was in NM in 2006 then two big ones with GM sponsership in Bolwing Green in 07 and 08. Original concept car, drive the test rack, factory tour and dinner on GM. 09 was San Antonio without GM spnsorship then post BK Colorado Springs last May. Homecoming is a good idea.