: SMART KEY remotes...SMART to purchase now??

09-23-10, 03:17 PM
I see a number of smart key remotes on Ebay. My assumption is that they will start a vehicle from outside the vehicle plus all the other options; lock, unlock blow security horn. Am I neive in thinking that simply re-programming the remote is all that is necessary?
Help, I want one if that's all it is..:banghead:

Smokin' SRX
09-23-10, 04:54 PM
Hi. I just did this recently. I also found it on Ebay, for $50, (1/3 Dealer price) and I started a thread "lost remote nightmare". good details there.

In a nut shell, you do not have the Keyless Access (only on Premium edition in 2010) so Dealer will have to program all 3 your remotes at once. Help me remember, does the Base model come w/ remote start/door locks? I don't think it has power hatch? You can use one that has a power hatch, it just won't work obviously. All functions on your current remote will work with new one also.

The Ebay guys are pretty good about their info (established Power Sellers anyway). I checked google and found a few suppliers who all agreed on the part #. Perhaps your Dealer parts Dept will give you the part # as well?

Then order, have programmed at Dealer, use it. NOTE: KEYS are sold separately usually and must be specially cut! I did not want one.


09-23-10, 06:38 PM
yeah SS, if it sounds to good to be true then (you know the rest). Thanks