: Quote on 06 CTS steering rack/gear box...

09-22-10, 11:26 PM
Morning Luke,

I'd like to have a quote, shipped for a steering rack/gear box for an 06 CTS 2.8 sport/luxury packages.... My build code is down below which contains the VIN and such. And my zip code is 06385 to the shop that will be doing the job.
So it will be cheaper via UPS or whatever that gives discounts for a place of business.



I know you could get this information yourself. But I always give a helping hand. Oh, I also love the fact that this print out gives me two different tires sizes. Both on the second page. QWW states they are P255/50 R17 while in the right hand column it states Y42 P225/50 R17. Just something that boggled my mind when shopping for tires on line.