: Why Your 2006-2011 Cadillac DTS Will Always Look Like A Late Model/New Car...

Marty Reagan
09-22-10, 02:23 AM
I have a theory. If 2011 will, indeed, be the LAST year for the DTS as we know it...Our cars will never look out-dated! You know how every two or three years, sometimes longer, the dealer CHANGES the body style completely? Like they did for the Chrysler 300 and even from the Deville to the DTS starting in 2006? Those of us who have an 06 through '11 DTS...well we have the LAST ones to EVER be produced. It's not like starting in 2012 that Cadillac will make the NEW looking LARGE LUXURY SEDAN. We have the LAST ONES! Although our cars have many distinct features and some minor things can tell an enthusiast that one is newer than another (the 'shark' cover for the XM radio antenna for example)--in GENERAL, the body style will NEVER CHANGE! That being said, even in 2016 or later...those who are not familiar with our brand, many of them (society in general) will assume our DTS is either brand new or maybe a year or two old. Anyone understand what I'm trying to say? It sounds good when I think about it...just not sure I'm writing words that explain what I'm thinking! Those considering purchasing a DTS--don't suffer losing the opportunity. If you wait for the VOLT or whatever it's going to be called--you might buy one and then two years later Cadillac may change the body style and you would then have the 'old' Volt! You will never have the 'old' DTS. Maybe the LAST DTS, but not the 'old' one! Here's to ALL OF YOU AND US! Let's enjoy our DTS's and lets keep them in pristine condition and they will always look like brand new cars! Hope all of you understand my thoughts...

09-22-10, 10:53 AM
You have a Great point there. I'm planning on buying a DTS in a few months, and like you said it will never be the older model but the last possibly making it rare in the future. Great way to look at the end of the DTS (formerly know as the Deville) positively! :)

09-22-10, 01:44 PM
I wonder if there will be a collector series or special final run?