View Full Version : How do you remove end knob off of gearshift in 88 Brougham?

09-22-10, 01:07 AM
Does anyone know how to remove the end knob off of a gear shift in an 80's brougham?

I can't figure it out for the life of me?
I wanna replace the one in my 88 hearse with a skull.


09-22-10, 08:11 AM
Column shifter? Pull and then pull some more.
They are just pressed on.

09-22-10, 07:48 PM
Someone suggested I do that to mine. I think he still has my boot print in his forehead.

Pull and pull and pull. Possibly add some heat?

09-23-10, 08:27 AM
When I would get frustrated I'd grab some pliers or a hacksaw blade and just cut through the plastic on the old one. If you are throwing it away you can destroy it.
Just be careful on the actual shaft.

09-23-10, 12:42 PM
You could always take the complete shifter arm off (pop out the roll pin at the base of the arm), and put it in the freezer overnight. I would bet the knob would come off easily then.

09-23-10, 08:17 PM
Never had any luck saving the knob, its pressed on and the shifter has a serrated shaft. Remove the lever at the shift bowl like he said and break the knob or cut it off

09-23-10, 09:45 PM
I'd go at it as already suggested, with a hacksaw.