: first day at the track

09-20-10, 11:18 PM
well finally got to the drag strip with my 09 v , at castrol speedway in edmonton so 2400ft elevation 46 degrees , my best time was a 12.9 @114mph . i aired my tires down to 25 psi . was having trouble hooking up at launch so 60ft times of 2.3s . track was slippery all the way down spun the tires on the 2/3 shift and the 3/4 shift was even spinning 4 th gear thru the traps on one run . so i am happy with the time considering the traction issue . had a good race against a c63 amg pullled hard on him all the way down the track . my car has hennesy intake and corsa cat back

09-21-10, 09:36 AM
Those are good times especially for the elevation and traction issues. I think the traction issues you encountered had more to do with the temperature. 46F is cold! I know there is a HUGE loss of traction in the PS2s as you get below 60F. At the same time, the engine is producing more power, which is a good thing, but it amplifies the traction problem.

Bottom line is you smoked the AMG, and that's what matters the most ;) :yup:

09-21-10, 01:24 PM
Ill be going to Castrol raceway this friday (track rental day), see if my mph is back where it should be... Give me a pm if interested in attending (RGP6373).