: Performance Modifications

Scott B
09-13-04, 09:08 AM
Please indulge a new forum member with questions that have likely been asked and answered before.

What performance modifications to the 300HP northstar in a DTS provide the most performance benefit without any negative impact on warranty?

I am a longterm performance car junkie and am very familiar principals of modifications and tuneing. (The engine as an air pump philosophy seems always applicable regardless of all other factors.)

Which of the following off the shelf modifications provide the most performance improvement and warranty/sound/reliability compromise:

Corsa Performance Exhaust. 20HP Improvement over stock? Or is this measured with other modifications such as intake and reflashed computer? What about the sound? I can live with a little discreet increase but dont want the car to sound like a musclecar.

Volant Intake system. Doesnt seem to be a downside to this unless it voids your warranty in any way. What is actual performance increase ET time and HP?

What about a computer reflash? Apparently some manufacturers allow this without a negative impact on warranty. Is the DTS computer maximized as is based on the suggested modifications above? Actual perf increase? Brands?

Its not that I dont trust manufacturers of aftermarket performance products. However, I also recognize that performance gains are not always as advertised.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Scott B