: 1993 vs. 1994-1996 Fleetwoods

09-20-10, 08:37 AM
I think I know the answer to this, but I'm going to post it anyway....

I've been looking at Fleetwood funeral cars - the 6-door limos. I've come across three that are interesting: a '95 with 75k miles, a '96 with 95k miles and a '93 with 29k miles (yes, 29k miles). The '93 is A LOT less $$ because of the TBI engine vs. the LT1. I'm thinking that the TBI will be a total pig on gas and barely be able to lug the limo around. But, given the difference in price and the very low mileage, could I live with it?

What other differences are there between the '93s and the '94-96?


09-20-10, 10:16 AM
Do not let the TBI (L05) 350 engine get you down too much. It still has plenty of torque 300-310 for your limo. They do quite well. Sure not as nice as an LT1, but still has enough Tq. for the vehicle, and the ease of maintenance of the motor you cant beat. Basically the difference of the 94-96's will be OBDII for the 96, elec. cruice control and daytime running lights and a few extra sensors. IDK as much cosmetic change on the limos though.

09-21-10, 03:22 PM
And they're not pigs on gas either - the L05 in my wagon, even with the 3.23 gears gets 18-20mpg city and really good mileage on the highway. I don't do the speed limit, I'm not even going to lie. :lol: That said, I still return 23-24mpg highway @ 85-90mph.

09-21-10, 03:45 PM
Thanks for the replies. The 1993 is a 'plan B' car. It's a lot farther away from me and a New England car. Cars rust up there despite the low mileage. The 1996, which I'm leaning toward, has more miles but is a south-Jersey car. It's about $1,000 more but I'm thinking it might be worth it. I haven't seen either car yet, so I'll have to wait and see. Going to see the '96 on Friday 10/1. If I don't come home with it, I'll go see the '93.

The '96 is better in that it has a reversible middle seat - it will face both forward and backward making it a "24-hour" car. There are no center door handles that gives it a real limo look (the center doors open via remote in the driver's compartment or from inside). The '93 has door handles in the center and a fixed center seat. Both are black on black leather, though. I won't be using it as a commercial limo, but the kids will get a kick out of both bench seats facing each other.

The '93-96 appear to be identical on the exterior, so beyond the limo features it just comes down to the drivetrain.

I want to do some simple mods to it:

- Drop it a little (Impala SS springs?)
- 18' rims
- A bit more aggressive exhaust
- Tint (the '93 is already tinted, the '96 isn't)

I've been obsessing over this for weeks and can't wait to pull the trigger. Should be a fun car to own, L05 or LT1.


09-21-10, 03:57 PM
I'd buy the 96 based on the fact that the rear seats can face either way.

As for the LO5, it is less powerful than the LT1, but it is a more durable engine. It isn't afflicted with the LT1 problems: optispark and broken exhaust manifold bolts.

The LO5 should have more than enough power provided you keep it on relatively flat land. I can see you having problems pulling around a 6000lb limo with 8 people in it, full of luggage, over the rocky mountains.