: Palm Beach International Raceway - Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab

09-19-10, 10:07 PM
I just returned home from the Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab event in Palm Beach.

Some comments:

Lots of V's and V coupes, even had a V station wagon there. I have lots of pictures and will post them as soon as I can figure out the process to post them again.

John Heinricy attended the event. He seemed to be a great guy and was willing to talk very openly about the car and its development. This alone was worth the travel to the event.

The lab was broken into 3 sections, each with a classroom session talking about the car and the driving exercise at hand. Lots of CTS coupes on hand to drive and lots of CTS-V coupes and Sedans were on hand to drive both auto and manual.

The first session I attended was in a regular CTS, drag race with a panic stop. Surprisingly fun even with the 300hp car.

The Second session was the CTS-V Sedan. Full acceleration and panic stop and a section of high speed slalom through cones with a curved panic stop at the end. This really showed the value of the safety system for panic stops and turns.

The Last session was on the track, Hampered by rain, but still fun. It demonstrated the prowess of the V. However, the long straight away had cones for slalom to keep us from getting to fast. I have a manual car, got to drive the automatic. It was awesome as well. It was definitely easier to launch from the line.

Would have liked to have more driving, especially at speed, but what we did was entertaining. :o


09-21-10, 02:31 PM
Hey Bill, I attended the Friday morning event. We had a lot of fun.

Did you drive down from AL? If so, that is a pretty long drive...kudos to you!!!:thumbsup:

JDP Motorsports
09-21-10, 04:13 PM
Nice! That sounds like it was a good time!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


B T Williams
09-22-10, 07:22 AM
My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the afternoon session of the Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab at Palm Beach International Raceway. It was an impressive, first class, well organized event. The staff at the event were professional, courteous and well informed. Thank you Cadillac.

Our first session was the road course event in the CTS-V Coupe. Before I went out on the track, I was disappointed because it was raining, which I was sure would prevent spirited driving. Boy was I wrong! The instructor went through the corners at speeds that were hard to believe on a wet track and pinned me to the seat with full-throttle bursts on the straights. Then it was my turn for a three lap A-Ticket drive. Wow! I just couldn't get over how the CTS-V stuck in the rain. My C5 Corvette would have had numerous off track excursions at the speeds the CTS-V ran with ease

All I can say is that the CTS-V is one awesome car! I'm still wrestling with the decision as to whether it makes sense to buy a CTS-V to serve as a daily driver and replacement for my wife's STS. I'm concerned that if we buy a CTS-V, I may never want to drive my C5 Corvette again!

09-22-10, 12:22 PM
I did the Saturday morning event and was impressed with the way things were set up. I expected hundreds of drivers and a few cars, not one car for every four participants. They had 3 groups of 24, and each group of 24 were broken into 2 groups - one driving, one getting instruction in a classroom setting. Every event was first done by an instructor and then you got to do 3 laps. I ended up doing the road course in the V Coupe first just after the rains stopped, a little standing water at the edge of the track. They set up gates using cones to intentionally restrict speed by not allowing you to use the entire width, but still got to wting out the car. The instructor co-pilot had his trigger finger on the e-brake the whole time and engaged it once "oops, sorry about that".

Next up was the side by side drag race in the Coupe, followed by all out ABS lock up - haven't done that many hard stops since I owned my '08 CTS - nice to get a feel for how things work in a panic. Last run was flat out acceleration in the V Sedan, panic stop and slalom. Not sure how fast we were going by the time we hit the brake cone, but you could hear the manual drivers bouncing off the rev limiter in first and second, one driver made a couple runs where he just shifted into 3rd before hitting the brakes. Not having a V myself, I don't know if I was more impressed with the killer acceleration, or the ability of the car to stop like someone through out an anchor.

Loads of fun, if you get an invite, it is worth going.

09-22-10, 11:15 PM
Hey Bill, I attended the Friday morning event. We had a lot of fun.

Did you drive down from AL? If so, that is a pretty long drive...kudos to you!!!:thumbsup:

I did drive from Huntsville, Al. But didn't drive the VEE. As luck would have it, it went to the shop with a sticking fan relay the day before the event. We drove the Escalade. Saw your pictures, as luck would have it, I am in 2 of them... I didn't post my pictures since they are essentially the same as yours.

Played some golf at the PGA National for a couple of days as well.