: timing chain service

09-19-10, 01:34 PM
I have just bought a BLS petrol model 2006 with 50K on the clock, it has a stamped service book but the dealer's name has smudged for the last two services - does anyone know when it should have a timing belt service and also how much it's likely to cost. I have a dealer near me in Boston, Lincs who claim to be Cadillac service experts - again, does anyone know anything about them?

really pleased with the car btw, picking it up next saturday after the seller has had a couple of dings taken out

09-19-10, 02:55 PM
Unlike the diesel in my own of which the engine is shared in many other makes of vehicle in the GM/Fiat range, I'm unsure which GM models your petrol unit is shared with so the only advice I can give is contact Bauer Millet in Manchester for the proper info. The only dealer I know who is an authorised Cadillac service agent in Lincs, is Thurlby Motors in Louth.
You need to establish whether your engine has a chain or a belt. My 14 year old Nissan Primera which now has nearly 200,000 miles on the engine, still has the same timing chain! The differences in manufactuers timing belt change intervals are often very different, but as a rule, I believe you would normally consider having it changed at 60,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes sooner. My Chrysler Neon belt didn't have to be done for 105,000 miles, but I had it done at 37,000 miles because the car was six years old when I bought it. That belt change only cost 236 and that was at a Chrysler dealer. No independant garage I contacted could do it for that price! Be careful about having it done at anywhere other than an authorised service centre, because it is highly unlikely that they will have the correct tools and service manuals to do the job to the correct specification. That is only a decision you can make.
Hope all goes well with the new car.

09-20-10, 02:32 AM
Thanks for the advice, i'm calling Bauer today to ask them what they think and to try to find out what other marques used the engine. You are right, it is Thurlby who also have a branch in Boston.

I know from owning a couple of Alfas that the mileage is almost less important than the time of useage, i also know that Bauer are good from a time back in the 80s when i bought a Caddy Seville from them.