: need help ASAP

09-18-10, 05:52 PM
ok so my car is broke down in my buddoes drive way(after i had it towed there) lol any the car was running real roughfor the last week but i didnt have the time to look at it. my girlfriend was on her way to my house in it and it just died on her.

now i though it was the cat but im not sure now. the car is turning over fine, getting gas, but not sure on if its getting spark. i pulled the codes and there was no codes. im completly lost on this one.

is there any way to check for spark?
any suggestions?
ive got to get the car out of his yard before monday.

09-18-10, 06:29 PM
pull one of the spark plug wires and hold it close to some metal while someone cranks the car. If it's getting spark, you'll see the spark arc from the wire to the metal.

I don't think it could be the cat giving you problems as the car would run just fine without the cat.

what kind of car is it?

09-18-10, 06:39 PM
my bad i forgot to tell u that part lo anyway its a 1993 fwb with only 85xxx miles on it. im bout to head back over there now and see if i can get a plug out and look for spark

09-18-10, 07:46 PM
dist cap ,

09-18-10, 08:20 PM
dist cap ,

thats what im thinking now. its a pain to get the cap off that car hahaha. i didnt have the right tools i guess cause i gave up

09-18-10, 08:24 PM
also pulled codes again n this time a few showed up here they are any help on these would be great.

-01 120

10-04-10, 05:45 PM
ok so now ive changed out the cap and rotor and got the car running but its falling on its face. i ran the codes and it comes up with -00 code 44 which is lean 02 signal. ive busted as much stuff out of the cat that i can. could it be the 02 sensor itself? what would happen if i cut the cat completly out and just replaced it with pipe. i need to get this car running as its my only transportation. if i cant then im selling it for parts

10-04-10, 08:10 PM
Ignition module, plugs and wires are up next.

10-05-10, 12:13 AM
Yea, you gotta get those plugs out and take a look. Your car will still run pretty good without the cat. Lean O2 means its not getting enough fuel, are both injectors spitting fuel when it runs? Maybe do a fuel pressure test to make sure the pump is doing its part.