: Northstar with 120,000 miles ...any problems coming????

09-12-04, 09:59 PM
I am buying a 95 Eldo with 120,000 miles on it will the engine hold out for a few more years ?????

09-12-04, 10:39 PM
It should be fine.

The only concern would be the cooling system and how well it was maintained. The 95 still used the conventional, green silicated coolant that needed to be changed every 2-3 years/24-32K miles....so...your car should be on its 4 or 5th coolant change by now.... Fresh coolant is important to an all aluminum engine as the corrosion inhibitors in the coolant get used up rather quickly and need to be replenished by changing the coolant. If the corrosion inhibitors fail due to lack of maintenance..i.e..old coolant...then the engine can start to corrode from the inside and the gaskets (in particular the head gasket) can be compromised.

I would encourage you to drain the coolant ASAP and refill the system with fresh 50/50 green, conventional coolant/distilled water. Install the coolant supplement pellets (6) or the equivalent BarsLeaks "golden seal" powder (2 tubes) into the RADIATOR HOSE...not the surge tank...to seal the sytem and prevent any nuisance leaks. Prestone or Texaco coolant is recommended as those were the OEM source.

Check the water pump drive belt (likely replace it as it doesn't owe you a dime after 100K) and lube the tensioner for the water pump drive belt so the pivot doesn't feeze up.

Clean the throttle body to avoid any driveability issues or idle speed control problems.

A new serpentine drive belt for the accessories would also be a good idea if it is the original. It , too, doesn't owe you much after 100K.

A fresh oil and filter change will put you on a known maintenance schedule also. Reset the oil life monitor in the DIC and follow its recommendations for the next oil changes.

Don't forget that an occasional WOT accel helps to keep the combustion chambers clean and the piston rings exercised and free in the grooves.

Search , using the forum search feature in the tool bar above, for items like "coolant supplement" "throttle body cleaning" etc... and read my posts. Lots of info already published on these topics.

09-13-04, 12:46 AM
Last year bought a 94 Eldo with 120 on the clock...ran fine from June through May when it came down with an advanced case of head gaskets necessitating the dreaded and expensive repair...if you haven't put money down and you're unwilling to gamble, have somebody do the leakdown compression check or at least wave a HC sensor over the coolant surge tank and see if it sniffs some excessive HCs there. When my engine was apart, it also needed the main timing gear but the cylinders, rings, cams were all in impressive condition for 130k miles. Good luck!