: Remote Start Issue on 2010 CTS-V

09-16-10, 11:54 PM
My remote start isn't kicking the starter on. I hear the electronics click, the fuel pump turn on but the engine doesn't turn over. Anyone else have/had this issue and better yet a solution? The dealer said to change the DIC settings but there are not remote start options on it!

09-17-10, 01:14 AM
What exactly are you doing in order?

09-17-10, 06:33 AM
The remote start will not kick on if there is a cel light. It must be cleared.
It will also not start if it has been activiated twice since the last key turn or the hood is open.
The procedure is to hit the lock button on the remote, then the start button on the remote.

Check to make sure none of the above is occuring. If not, take it in for service

09-17-10, 07:54 AM
What he said.^^^^^^^^^^^^^

09-17-10, 09:41 AM
Do you have the second key fob in the car? I'm just asking because my GMC truck won't remote start if the spare key is in the ignition switch. It may not even apply to the CTS, but it's just a thought.

09-17-10, 11:48 AM
Additionally, if the Hazard lights are on, the car will not remote start.

~ Matt

09-18-10, 08:26 AM
Thanks for everyones reply. I dont have the spare set in the car, the hood is closed, I hit lock and hold the start button for 5 seconds and still nothing. I took it to the dealer (chevy/vette dealer) and they couldn't figure it out either. They had the computer hooked up and everything even reset the theft module - very wierd. No servive engine soon or codes to read it just wont crank over.