: Service Engine Soon..... ODBII codes

09-12-04, 09:32 PM
I got a 98 STS and the service engine soon light comes on almost everytime i accel to get on the the freeway..... when i do the ODBII system i get
(AMP-U1064), (PCM-P0101), and (RIM-B0532). Can anyone tell me how to stop these from coming up or what to fix........ I can clear the codes but they come back, only when i accel to get on the freeway. Any help would be great............. Thanks :bouncy:

I love this car it's my 2nd caddy my first was a 95 Eldorado ETC... And it was very quick, that car started off my love for cadillacs. Before I thought a cadillac was just for grandpa's, but iI have a whole new thought on them now. :thumbsup:

09-12-04, 09:59 PM
B0532 - Fuel Sensor Shorted To Ground
P0101 - Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Performance
U1064 - Loss of Communications with DIM

09-13-04, 02:58 AM
So how and where do I start to fix these problems........ Any help would be great.......

09-13-04, 10:58 AM
MAF - Probably just replace it. It is the black plactic tube that the intake duct is clamped to. Three bolts will remove it from the TB.

Not sure about the fuel sensor. If that is the "fuel Level Sensor", check the connections and wiring from the tank. Look for a freyed or pinched wire. If the wiring and connections are good then you'll probably have to drop the tank to replace the sensor.