: Door lock has stopped working...

09-16-10, 09:09 PM
New problem today. This evening, when I unlocked the car, by using the keyless entry system, the wife complained that her door (passenger side front) wasn't working. I tried using the door handle, which activated the unlock feature on the other doors, but not the passenger side front door. I could only open the door by using the interior handle.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to reset the individual door lock, such as a magic key combination? Will be scheduling an appointment at the dealer to get this figured out if not.

09-16-10, 10:42 PM
^^^ - There may be a PIP/TSP on that issue. When I was in for service last week, the SA asked me something about doors not unlocking issues, etc., which I have not experienced, so they may already be aware of this.


09-17-10, 01:16 AM
Unless you want to try to set it all to default and reprogram, it doesn't sound normal.

09-17-10, 07:18 AM
I know there's a TSB on frozen door locks during the winter for 2008 and early 2009 CTSs, but that doesn't apply here.

I reset the door looks last night and got no love.

09-17-10, 01:40 PM
I had the same issue- dealer had to fix it there is a bulletin about it. They have to pull the door panel and bend the rod that unlocks the doors. At least thats what my repair order said when I picked it up.

09-17-10, 02:07 PM
I had the same issue- dealer had to fix it there is a bulletin about it. They have to pull the door panel and bend the rod that unlocks the doors. At least thats what my repair order said when I picked it up.

Thanks for the info. I suspect that's actually what the problem is. Appt. made with dealer for next week.

No secret reset combos? On my old Acura, when the windows or locks decided not to work, there was a magic code to reset the switch--hold button down for ten seconds, then a couple other moves. Anything like that on Cadillacs?

09-17-10, 02:19 PM
In my case it wasnt anything computer related it was mechanical so the dealer had to bend the rod into place.

09-22-10, 04:10 PM
I'm assuming that the CTS-V is a passive entry door meaning electric unlatch from outside the vehicle. If you had a base CTS then you would notice a sill button on your trim. The bent rod only applies to the base level vehicle so if your V series is passive then don't expect the tech to tell you about a bent lock rod, there is none.

If you can't unlatch the door from the outside handle then you either have a bad switch in the door handle which is a know issue (typically more noticable when wet) This should set a code and hold that code for the next 50 times the ignition is activated.

The interior trim which housies the door control module connects to the body through a dock type connection at the trim. This connection can sometimes become loose and not set a code and also not allow for electrical connection to the door control module. You might try pushing or smacking the trim at the interior door handle area and then attempt to release through the outside handle.

Finally, could be the door latch itself. The grease internal to the latch can leak into the motor and allow carbon to build up on the brushes until you have an internal short. This can be identified by what some refer to as a weak sounding motor. Place you ear near the latch and pull the handle... do you hear what sounds like a latch trying to fire or nothing at all.

Good luck

09-22-10, 04:33 PM
I would say it is a passenger door module. It is probably throwing a code. Or it could be the pressure switch going bad.

It wont be a bent rod. As that section is completely electronic.

01-12-11, 01:13 PM
I just experienced this a week ago. I just had my SA check it out today. He told me they were going to order a new switch. Sigma1 seems to be correct. I will find out in a day or so. I'm getting some new wipers but they need to be ordered also. Getting the recall done also.

01-12-11, 01:42 PM
The issue with freezing locks has been covered before:

"I believe the information you are looking for is in
#09-08-64-036: Intermittent Front Door Lock Operation During Freezing Temperatures (Install Revised Door Lock) - (Dec 2, 2009)
Vehicles Affected are:
2008 CTS, and 2009 CTS with RPO UHA or UHF, and 2009 CTS-V specific VIN ranges are not listed."
Read more at http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-cts-v-series-forum-2009/190537-new-owner-2-3-questions-mod-6.html?ktrack=kcplink

01-12-11, 03:52 PM
Thanks for the reply. I remember reading about this some time ago but I am not too good with the search function (not going there with that thread). I found this post. I'm sure it will be fixed correctly and this revised door lock resolves the issue. Maybe the dealer will find this TSB/recall(?). Thank you for the info and your time.

01-12-11, 04:37 PM
My car doesn't like passengers either. JK