: Picked up my '10 Silver Bullet!!!

09-15-10, 10:25 AM
Hey Guys!!

Finally bit the bullet on the '10 V. I've been holding out for the V-Coupe but after driving it and seeing that 1st color scheme off the line. I decided to go the sedan route again even though the Coupe drove great!!

Picked up the fully loaed Silver Bullet down south and started on my road trip back to NY. It's an awesome drive so far!! Nothing finer than getting in your new car and going on a road trip!!! 1300 miles woooohooooo........


09-15-10, 10:39 AM
Congrats and I totally agree.

09-15-10, 03:07 PM
i took mine on a 300 mile road trip and had a blast, can only imagine yours! ;)

09-15-10, 05:46 PM
meet us in englishtown for the meet and greet in october.... love to see a brand new 2010 V there.. we got one of them so far

09-15-10, 07:55 PM
Nice bud, Congratulations on your purchase. Its great to have another V2 on Long Island! :thumbsup:

09-15-10, 08:40 PM
great color choice and congrats!

09-16-10, 10:43 AM
Thanks Guys!!!

I've already planned on Englishtown but have to balance a few things 1st to get there. Ever go to Captree at the end of Ocean Pkwy & Robert Moses Pkwy? They have a $hit load of awesome caras every Sun 7am-11am give or take. My color chouce is good but all my V's were in Silver now. I was looking to get a Thunder Grey but I got such a good price on this one, that I jumped on it.


09-16-10, 04:03 PM
And the pics of your new ride are where?

09-16-10, 09:16 PM
Hmm, silver. Hey wait, that's the same color I have! Even if it is the same color as the one I have, post pics!!

Enjoy the ride! :bouncy:

09-17-10, 12:50 PM
The coupe does look amazing in Stealth Grey. But only 1300 miles? weaksauce...

j/k, congrats on the best version of V...