: Sad News, A man I considered a good friend has passed away.

09-15-10, 12:27 AM
Normally I wouldn't mention this here, but since he was a man who created so many children's cartoons in the 1980's and '90's I thought some of our younger members might be interested. My son and I were good friends with a man named Peter Keefe, who was the creator and producer of the very popular children's cartoon show "Voltron" which some of you may remember. He also created "Saber Rider," Denver the Last Dinosaur," "Widget" and the "Mr. Bogus Show."

Peter boarded his horse and trained at the same facility where my son also kept and trained his horses. We became very good friends over the several years we were together riding and showing our horses.

Although not the tall in stature Peter was definitely a larger than life character, with his handlebar moustache and pony tail and his ready wit with a laugh and pleasant comment for all those he liked. Aside from horses and young women, a fracture of his age (he was 57 when he passed away last May from throat cancer), Peter also enjoyed cars. It was Peter who owned the white Land Rover Defender LWB named the the "White Rhino" that I have mentioned in some posts here. He was also the owner of the brand new red Jag XJS convertible that one of his 21 year girlfriends almost totalled the third day he had it!

Peter was often a guest at our annual Christmas parties and always showed up with some beautiful (expensive) exotic flower arrangement and an appropriate bottle of something special. For many people Peter's effervescent personality was and somewhat eccentric habits were off putting, but I always enjoyed the special addition that Peter made to my day with his great sense of humor.

Peter Keefe was one of the most succesful creators and producers of children's cartoons having produced over 600 half hour episodes of his various cartoon shows which had a worldwide following. Second only to Disney in number and worldwide popularity. He was working on a new cartoon show where he was stricken with throat cancer.

Peter was married two times that I am aware of , once to one of the Anheiser Busch heiresses in St. Louis,MO where he started out as a movie reviewer on the local PBS station. To my knwledge he had no children.

I thought that some on the Forums may have enjoyed his shows as children and might be interested in his passing.

I'll raise a toast to Peter Keefe and a life well lived !

09-15-10, 11:50 AM
I'll join you in your toast, of course, and sorry to hear of the loss of your friend who seemed like quite a colorful character.

09-15-10, 02:28 PM
My Voltron toy was my prized possession as a kid:crying:

09-15-10, 08:56 PM
Sorry to hear about your loss Orconn, and may he rest in peace!

09-15-10, 08:57 PM
Sorry Or.....I remember him from back in the '80s -- he had some kind of deal w/the Koplars, right?

09-15-10, 09:00 PM
Whoa, I loved those cartoons! Denver the Last Dinosaur's theme song is still stuck in my head.

RIP Peter!

09-15-10, 09:04 PM
Interesting. I watched Voltron in the 80's. Don't remember it well but do remember the series. 57 is a fairly young number, sad for your loss.

09-16-10, 01:58 AM
My condolences on the loss of your friend, Orconn.