: Does anyone have a need for these parts?

09-14-10, 08:27 PM
1. Set of stock complete 09 LSA heads (recently removed from my 09 when I changed heads and cam - approx 15k miles)

2. KPE air intake (new in box - decided to stay with my full W4M intake)

3. Used Corsa Sport exhaust (these are def used and will need to be welded on as I had them connected to 3" pipes - I went back to stock mufflers when I added headers).

I will take $250/ OBO for the KPE and really am not sure what the heads and exhaust are worth and would like to get something for them.

Bottomline - this stuff is taking up garage space and needs to go.

Anyone interested pls let me know -
512 569 1450

p.s. it is my understanding this can be posted in this forum now due to issues with the classifieds - no flames please

09-15-10, 02:43 AM
Let me see what the heads are worth, though I was leaning on buying a pair from WCCH.