: bad block ?

09-12-04, 03:16 PM
6500 miles back pulled engine replaced ALL seals timecerted checked heads (within spec.) ran out fine comp check good cyl air pres check good (5 min per cyl.) when driving all of a sudden coolant dump on the road. air test # 6 leaking to cooling system. replaced head and gasket and head leaking even worse and coolant from crank half ???.(reconditioned head).whats your guess?

sts96 PS got a good engine cheap ??

09-12-04, 08:32 PM
there was one one ebay for a 95-96 for a coupla hundred bucks not long ago...don't know if that auction is over though...?

09-12-04, 10:57 PM
Fill the cooling system, pressurize it with a cooling system pressure tester and find where the leak is...

Look under the intake manifold to see if coolant is seeping into the valley of the engine and then running out the rear drain hole. That would then run down over the engine and make it look like the block is leaking.

Did you dose the system with the coolant supplement when it was refilled with fresh coolant after the other repairs?? Possibly there is a pinhole in a casting from porosity or something like that that has opened up and is causing the leak. Something like that would easily be sealed by the coolant supplement/sealer.

Install it into the rad hose NOT the surge tank. Disconnect a rad hose, pop the 6 pellets into the hose and reconnect. Top off the coolant and run the engine with the sealer in the system and see if it seals up the seepage.

Start using punctuation and whole sentences in your post so it is readible.....LOL LOL

09-13-04, 09:53 AM
cannot pressurize as coolant runs out to fast, tried sealer.leaking front and rear of engine also #6 and #8 blow out coolant with with air injection intake man is off no leak showing there.
am pulling front head to pressure test cyls. thanks


09-13-04, 04:42 PM
mistery solved cracked block is a fact.