: 2000 Eldorado - White Smoke from front passenger side

09-14-10, 04:51 PM
Just looking for some ideas on what could be causing white smoke to come out from the engine compartment on the passenger side... it's coming up from under the hood right in front of the wind shield.

Also found some helpful info here, but not sure it's specific to my issue... (it won't let me post a URL yet so you'll have to copy + paste).

Car is NOT over heating
I have NOT noticed white smoke from the tail pipes.
Does not seem to be burning oil.
Does not seem to have a coolant leak (although I haven't checked this as frequently as the oil).

The smoke only starts after I've gone up a large hill or over a bump... almost like something is splashing up onto the engine block and burning from there...

It was suggested that it could be the high pressure line for the power steering that's leaking, and the local service station said that my power steering fluid was bone dry but I've driven it lightly twice since then and have seen no smoke or changes in the level of power steering fluid. Does this seem like the most likely candidate or could it be something else?

I really know nothing about cars but I learn quickly and would love to be able to get in and fix this on my own instead of paying some over priced mechanic...

Suggestions, Ideas, Questions, Comments?


09-14-10, 07:19 PM
Welcome Aboard !!!

If the P/S reservoir was dry, that's a prime suspect, but the fluid would have to get to the rear exhaust manifold somehow (smoke), which suggests a search for a pinhole leak in a P/S line down to the steering rack, which runs all the way across the rear of the engine below the exhaust manifold. :confused:

You should have to check coolant levels about once a year.

09-14-10, 07:22 PM
That is basically what I've heard from others that know more about engines than myself but who aren't close enough to actually look at it. The service station also mentioned that they were seeing PS fluid all over the lines (indicating a leak).

I tried to get in there with a flash light to see what I could find but as I'm sure you're aware, the engine compartment in these bad boys isn't exactly full of empty space.

I really just wanted to make sure that the reasoning was sound, there there wasn't some larger issue I should be looking for, the guys I've talked to were pretty amateur (although still a lot more knowledgeable than me!).