: HG shop in NE Ohio that uses Jakes Studs just found it heres the info for anyone

09-13-10, 06:26 PM
Ok well wow i made like a ton of Phone Calls over the weekend leaving Voice mails for shops to see if anyone was near me that would touch a North Star
and i just got 3 calls from shops saying they would jsut send the car to the crusher but one call back froma Shop
in Wickliff Ohio
Power Train Automotive we where talking and he brought up the Surge Grip stud
Said that he used it about a month ago on Someones Caddy and it came out really good
So i asked him what he would charge told him all thats going on he said hes not sure if he remmebrs the price off hand but he charges 1800 for Time Sirts so he would do the studs for what ever els more they cost wich is what like 550 or 600 it hink after shipping
but then he said he would have to find a good Used Block for me because hes awear also that 2000 model years had fualty blocks he said they are in the casting and he finds them from 2000 and 2001 models nothing els he ever came across before
but anyways when i told him the Jake has a truck load or atleast a shit load of New Blocks from 2002 that he just bought he said how much i said what jake told me and the Guy at the shop said
for the price you better have one on its way alreayd on a pallet i said not yet i asked him if he would contact jake for shipping and all of that to get the block and the studs and he said yeah he will btu hes going to add a bit of a Mark up on the Block because if i want it covered under the labor warranty then hes going to add a bit on for his costs so im cool with that but it looks as is
I may be able to get this doen Close to home not even 20 mintues away for about 3300 with studs new blocks and only down side is a 12month 12k warranty wich will be up in 3 months the way i drive
but he did say he stands behind his work and would let me pay a little more and give me a 24k or maybe even a 12 month unlimited warrranty if i pay more
but said we would work it out

so just wanted to let anyone that is In the NE Ohio area know about this Shop and that they seem to know what they are doing for decnet Money