: Aftermarket CD player 94 FWB Climate Control problems?

09-13-10, 06:42 AM
Can having an aftermarket CD player installed cause issues with the A/C? Do certain wires have to be cut or anything like that? Since I can't pinpoint why my A/C compressor is still not turning on, I am thinking the problem could be coming from in the dash, something is not sending a signal to the A/C relay to activate the Pressure Switch to kick on the Compressor. The relay is fine BTW.

All wires from inside the engine look to be fine, nothing cut, I also check the wires to the PCM, and they are also fine.

09-13-10, 12:23 PM
The only thing that should be lost is the dimming function on the HVAC display.

09-14-10, 02:26 PM
Great thanks Jay, that's good to know. I actually never knew that there was a dimmer on the HVAC display.